Number of pages: 264
Size: A4
Print: full colour
Cover: hard
Language: English

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2 Years since the original German language version of this book was published, we present to you “Lo Stile di Vita-Ultras in Kampanien“ in English. Its content is focused on Campania, the region in Southern Italy. Nowhere in this country you will find more ultras groups than around Naples.
That includes for Salernitana, Cavese, Avellino and Savoia, well known to any football fanatics. But Campania is also home to the many others, such as Albanova, Marcianise, Grottaminarda, Scafatese, Mariglianese or Ischia.
The book also includes the history of both SSC Napoli „curvas“. You will also find dedicated photo gallery, taking you through Naples cobbled streets, showing plenty of (still not very well explored) areas covered with graffiti and telling the story of Napoli ultras sections. Other chapters are dedicated to the Calcio Popolare, which is particularly present in Campania.
Who knows, maybe this is the future, the last oasis of fans culture not “contaminated” by the modern football desease? No less interesting are the chapters on the “Lost Grounds” and probably the most beautiful stadiums in the region. All this, and much more, is to be found on 260 pages of well condensed invaluable information!
“Lo Stile di Vita-Ultras in Campania” is intended to be a book for everyone, who wants to know more about the 42 separate clubs/fan scenes of one of the most popular destinations for groundhoppers. It should be present prominently in your book collection, of course next to the sold out „Ultras Italy“, book from 2012!